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Angel Heart is a ministry uniquely devoted to implementing the will of Jesus Christ. When we are obedient to His plan and will for our lives over our own, Christ blesses us beyond imagination. However, understanding Godís will can sometimes be more difficult than we anticipate. When we discern this plan, our past experiences become our testimony. Every person born into the Kingdom has a testimony.

Our testimony at AHM is to strive each day to spiritually touch hurting individuals with an angel or with Godís inspired word. We are turning those impacts into our motivation! Please feel free to leave us your testimony. We love to hear how Jesus Christ is working in your life.

Angel Heart Ministry, I am blessed to know JESUS as my SAVIOUR and have recently been blessed with one of your lighted angels. I believe we are in GOD's care to bless others. Through prayer and outreach for one another as well as the lost and hurting - body -mind - soul.

HIS blessing on your ministry,

Angel Heart Ministry, My husband and I have been touched by an angel. This is a wonderful gift and it reminds me of how God is so good to us everytime I look at it. I put it on my table in my livingroom just so others can ask about it so I can share Jesus with them. Thanks for this wonderful gift.

Karen Kelley

Just wanted to say thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and support. It really means a lot to all of us deployed over here. Thanks for the friendship Daren and Carolyn. You are family to us! Keep doing God's work!

J. Guillory

I want to say thank you to all of my dear friends. Thank you so much for the phone calls, texts, facebook messages, cards and for the precious angel that I received in the mail today. It really meant a lot to me to hear from you and know that you were praying for me.
Thanks, again. I Love You!

Sondra N.
Calhoun, LA

Angel Heart Minsitry,
I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness for sending the crystal Angel to me. I especially wanted to thank for your prayers. I was placed on your prayer list by our daughter. Our prayers have been answered. Praise GOD. I just got the results of the biopsy of the tissue that was removed from my back after a melanoma was excised. There was zero indication that the cancer spread beyond the original lesion. GOD is good! Thank you again for this and also for the help, comfort, and prayers your ministry has provided to our daughter, Chrissy.

Regards, Ralph

Dear Angel Heart,
You all are truly angels. Tears began flowing the minute I saw the Angel my husband received. Then I turned around and he was tearing up too! The Angel has renewed his spirit and helped him cope. Knowing that the smallest things in life are the most important are truly gifts from God. Thanks so much for your ministry, it is changing lives one angel at a time.!!

In His Love,
Robin Cook

I did get the angel. It is so beautiful. I put it in my kitchen window. Everytime I look at it, I'm so reminded of God's healing power and that angels guard my life every day. May God bless you in your ministry.

Thank You.
Beth Glass ( The Telestials)

I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in August of 2007. I had radiation and chemotherapy and finished with a surgery on Jan. 9th 2008. All of my tests came out clear and all I need to do is get over surgery. Today (1/22/08) was my first day back to work and my angel was waiting on me. I can't express what it means to me and she will stay with me as a constant reminder of what God has done in my life. My community has given me great prayer support and this is icing for the cake.
Kelly Hudspeth

Angel Heart Ministry,
Thank you for thinking of us during this difficult time. We really appreciate the lighted angel you sent. Garrett loved it. It now sits on the shelf in my living room. We will always remember your kindness.
Joshua, Michelle, & Garrett Berry

Angel Heart Ministry,
I just wanted to thank you for sending my uncle who was diagnoised with bladder cancer last year that beautiful angel. He said that one day he and his wife weren't having the best of their days, and that sweet little angel arrived at the door. It brightened their day and their faith. I smiled and told them that I had it requested through AngelHeart Ministry. My uncle is cancer-free now!!! Thank you for your prayers and support. God Bless all of you!
North Carolina

Dear Angel Heart Ministry,
When I announced my cancer had returned, the outpouring of compassion and support I received was overwhelming. I appreciate that you took time from your busy life to think about me. Your kindness lifts my spirits and your caring touches my heart. I'm feeling strong and appreciate all of your support. Thank you so much for the angel figurine and the encouraging words.
Elizabeth Edwards

Angel Heart Ministry,
I do not know how you received my name but I wanted to say thank you. The angel I received was such a blessing and your prayers I appreciate more than you know. What a wonderful ministry.
Thank You,
Maria L. from Shreveport

Angel Heart Ministry,
Thank you so much for my beautiful Angel. What a wonderful surprise. God's Blessings to you and your group. Note: Inside was a small white feather with a poem attached to it that read:

I am an Angel Feather, sent from God above
To serve as a reminder of His most Gracious love.
I'm from your Guardian Angel that God assigned to you
and fell out from her struggles as she protected you.
Each time you almost stumble, each time you nearly fall,
Thank God and His Angels for answering your call.
Sylvia Dunkelberger

Dear Daren and Phillip,
Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! It is a comfort and blessing to hear of people who are praying for me. I praise the Lord for you and your Angel Heart Ministry. Thank you for taking the time to send the Angel. I love it! My favorite bible verse (Phil. 4:13)
is the reason I made it through the ACC season and NCAA tournament. Christ's strength, not mine, made it possible.
In His Strength
Coach Kay Yow

It is nice to be able to thank you directly. You made an impact on my life. God is truly working miracles for me. None of my doctors expected me to still be alive at this point, but I look fine and if you saw me, you would not guess I am so ill. Jesus is in control of all of our lives. I go to Houston in about two weeks for another round of tests and evaluations. I always ask if they have any new cures for my type of cancer. The answer is always no, but I still have faith. Prayer keeps me positive. Thank you for your prayers and inspiration.

I wanted to tell you I gave this website to my friend here whose sister had just found out she had cancer. Pam sent her sister's name in and she received her angel yesterday. Yesterday was also the day she had her biopsy and when she got home, the package was there. Pam had not told her she had sent in her name so it was a total surprise. She was thrilled! She said it is beautiful and so uplifting. She called Pam again this morning and told her the angel was the first thing she saw when she woke up this morning and it meant so much to her to know people she does not even know her praying for her. Thank you so much for sending this to me and be sure to let your friend know how wonderful this ministry is!!!

My name is Sharon Ellis. My niece is Deborah McConnell. She is already on the prayer list for cancer. She has melanoma cancer. She received her angel in the mail and loved it. She wanted me to thank you and ask that you continue to pray for her. She will be taking interferon for a year, three times a week. May God Bless you for all you do.

I recieved my Angel last week and it has touched my life in a wonderful way. It is a constant reminder that there are truly Loving and Caring people that believe in the power of God's people's Prayers....It has touched my family and friends as well. I have the Honor to know one of the starters of the Wonderful Ministry and I Pray daily for God guidance for him and the rest of these good people...Daren aka Dawg we Love You and Thanks for what you are doing in answer to God's calling upon your life....may HE continue to Bless You and all who are involved.
Pat Hall
Columbia, Mo

We received the angel tonight. Blake was awed by it. It is really beautiful. I was wondering who sent it. Then, I remembered getting an email with the headline Angel Heart Ministry, but I couldnt remember who it was from. I came in here to look. It was you! Make sure you tell Sherri and Angel Heart Ministry that we appreciate everything they have done through prayer for us! Make sure they know how much Blake loved the angel. I am so touched by the gesture. I love you. Thank you for keeping those who are faithful in prayer informed about our needs.
Love Kiki

Wanted to thank you for the nice card I received and my mom received her angel the other day. She was so pleased because she actually collects angels. I was visiting her Sunday and saw it and it was beautiful. Please keep her in your prayers. She is having a difficult time getting back to normal. She is still not feeling like herself but we are trying to encourage her and tell her it will take time. She has actually quit smoking and I know that is another factor because they can't give her anything because of her heart and lung condition. So she is very depressed right now. I know we will survive.
Thanks again

Dear Angel Heart Ministry
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful lighted's so pretty and I love what it represents even more. I don't know how you'll got my name on your prayer list but I want to thank you so much for praying for me; that means so much to me and you don't even know me. It warms my heart to know fellow Christians are praying for me on a daily basis and what an awesome ministry you have. I will also pray for you too. Thanks again for everything.
Love in Christ

Thanks so much! Its just a little message, but in it you will find. A great big thanks for being so thoughtful and so kind. I really like the Angel. Virginia and I enjoy it each night. Maybe some day we'll meet Thanks alot to a thoughtful friend.
Blue Farley

They said he (Kenneth) received his ANGEL and he was so proud of it and every time someone would come and visit he would tell the story about the ANGEL. She said that he set it beside his bed and she said those people have no idea how much that meant to our family, especially "Uncle Kenneth". I thought that would just let you know how your ministry has touched a life.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

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